How to place an order ?

To place an order, you need an online account that has been approved.
If you have never had a David Hart account before, click here.


If you have an approved account:

  1. Make sure that you are on
    and NOT (this is a retail website which comes up on top of search on Google and looks very similar).
  2. Before you shop, make sure you log in. Click on  in right top corner of the website.

  3. We recommend to save as your favourite bookmark.

  4. You can browse the store:
  • by category on homepage,
  • by brand 
  • you can also search  for product name, product code or barcode.


    1. Each product page shows you a convenient pack size, but you are ordering in units*, and you can order less than a full outer pack (example below).

      *The only exemption is BEL brand which you will only be able to order in full outers.




    1. Minimum order for free delivery is £100 net for UK mainland.
    2. Select your payment option during check out.

    3. Click "Review order"
    4. Click "Complete order"
    5. You should now see your order confirmation.

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