MAM Fun to Drink Cup & Glow Handles 270ml - Boy

MAM Fun to Drink Cup & Glow Handles 270ml - Boy

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The MAM Fun to Drink 270ml Cup makes learning to drink easy, thanks to the extra soft spout with a patented valve system. Thanks to this clever design parents can relax whilst their toddlers learn to drink with either spill free or free flow. Choose between a non-spill cup or a free-flow cup, by simply adding or removing the clear valve; this also allows for easy and complete cleaning. The ergonomic non-slip glow in the dark handles makes it easy and comfortable for baby's small hands to hold, with the added benefit of parents having no problem finding the cup at night and disturbing their little one. The Cup comes in Girl or Boy varieties and features cute night time motifs, perfect for a pre-bedtime feed. The Fun to Drink can also be reassembled with components of other MAM Cups, with the handles and spout able to be added to other bottles in the MAM range. Learning to drink facilitated through the extra soft spout with patented valve system
Spill-free or free-flow
Option to add or remove the clear valve, which allows for easy cleaning
Ergonomic non-slip glow in the dark handles, easy to find at night
Interchangeable with other MAM Cups

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