Medicare 8 hour Therapeutic Heat Patches 3s

Medicare 8 hour Therapeutic Heat Patches 3s

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Medicare Therapeutic Heat Patches provide natural, drug-free healing through heat therapy to aid in reducing joint and muscle aches and pains. Minor muscular and joint aches associated with over-exertion, strains, sprains and arthritis, are soothed and relieved easily and conveniently with these discreet patches. The Heat Patches deliver up to 8 hours of heat, for deep muscle relaxation.
Sore, stiff muscles are best treated with hot therapy, because the heat helps to relax, soothe and loosen up the tired muscles. Hot therapy can also be used to increase the range of motion. Do not use hot therapy on an injury that is already warm to the touch. Hot Therapy can also be used before exercise to improve mobility by loosening muscles and increasing joint elasticity. Heat packs are particularly popular among people who experience lower back pain. The Hot Pack provides form-fitting, flexible hot therapeutic relief for arthritis, muscle spasms and much more.
Directions: For maximum effectiveness, you should wear the Heat Patch for 8 hours. It may take up to 30 minutes for the Patch to reach maximum temperature.

• For effective and targeted relief of minor muscular and joint aches associated with over exertion, strains, sprains and arthritis
• Deliver up to 8 hours of heat, for deep muscle relaxation
• 295mm x 90mm
• Ultra thin
• Heats up quickly
• Odourless
• Can be applied to shoulder, neck, knee, wrist or back

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