Medicare COLD SPRAY 200ML

Medicare COLD SPRAY 400ML

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Medicare Cold Spray 400ml

Cold Spray ideal for joint pain and sports injuries

Rapid Pain Relief

• Suitable for use on sporting injuries, swollen areas or joint stiffness
• Instant cooling effect, Rapid Pain Relief
• Can be used as part of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) First Aid treatment
• Can be used in conjunction with cold pack therapy
• Treatment can be repeated if necessary.
• Non medicated cooling propellant has an instant cooling effect to give temporary relief
• Can be used in conjunction with cold pack therapy
• CFC free and contains no propellant alleged to damage ozone

Medicare Cold Spray gives fast acting pain relief for strains, sprains, cramp, bruises, swollen areas or joint stiffness. Ideal for use on sporting injuries, this convenient cold spray freezes pain instantly.
Cold sprays are a temporary coolant that evaporates from the user’s skin, lowering the surface temperature for the rapid relief of pain and inflammation in new injuries.
There are many benefits of using cold therapy in the treatment and prevention of injuries. Many footballers and other athletes use a cold ocean swim or immerse themselves in a bath of ice as a recovery strategy. The Medicare Cold Spray is a convenient alternative to an ice pack, ice bath, or cold ocean swim! The handy spray provides instant cooling relief once sprayed on the skin.
The active non-medicated ingredients cool the skin, which brings about rapid pain relief.
The effect of Cold spray therapy is scientifically proven and it is a safe product to use for every member of the family.
Medicare Cold Spray is ideal for the pitch side as a quick treatment to minor knocks, or to relieve pain from recovering injuries, including back pain and arthritic pain.
The Cold Spray is specially recommended as an emergency care treatment for soft tissue injuries, such as strains and sprains and ruptures.

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