Medicare Gel Cushions - in-between toes 2S

Medicare Gel Cushions - in-between toes 2S

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Medicare Gel Insoles (2 Pack)

• Reduce pressure on the ball of the foot, making shoes more comfortable- ideal for ladies high heeled shoes
• Non-slip insoles
• Clear and discreet gel material
• Washable and Reusable
• One size fits all
• 2 Pcs/1 Pair per Pack

Discreet Gel Insoles allow you to combine comfort and glamour

Perfect for Sky High Heels!
Who says you have to suffer to be beautiful? There’s no need to choose between comfort and style with these ingenious Gel Insoles from the extensive Medicare Foot Range.
The unique slim-line design helps prevent foot aches and pains caused or aggravated by certain shoes. Relieve your tired, aching feet by inserting these soothing gel cushion insoles inside your favourite foot-wear. These insoles work great inside flats, sandals, wedges, boots . . . they’re also ideal for high heeled shoes, ladies! The products are made from a transparent, discreet gel material, and are reusable, so they’re ideal for all your nights out!
Perfect for sky-high heels:
Do you have a favourite pair of heels that you rarely wear because they’re just too painful? Do you find during a night out that the balls of your feet ache and throb? After a hard day at work, are you desperate to take off your heels as soon as you walk through the door? These gel insoles will make your high heels much more comfortable.
High heels elevate your heel to an unnatural angle to your foot and put undue pressure on the balls of your feet and stretch the tendons and ligaments in the ankle. But high heels are a fashion essential and have been for decades. Heels aren’t going anywhere but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to flats. There is a way to reduce the risk, eliminate the strain and stop the pain associated with high heels.
Medicare Gel Insoles provide invisible gel comfort and cushioning, providing added support for the balls of your feet. The gel is contoured and clear so that they’re discrete and slim line.
Medicare’s easily inserted insoles are made from cooling gel and are lightweight and comfortable, helping wearers who are on their feet for long periods or who need to walk distances in their heels.
The extensive Medicare Foot Care range has been scientifically developed with your comfort in mind; from Bunion pads to Heel cushions, from Toe Splints to Flight Socks; whatever your feet need, we have the solution.

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