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• Medicare Waterproof Strip Dressing consists of an ultra thin strip with a skin friendly adhesive
• Non adherent pad will cope with most minor cuts and abrasions
• Strip dressing has built-in lateral stretch
• Hypoallergenic
• Dressing strip can be cut to size
• Size: 6cm x 1m
• Latex Free

Cuts and scrapes can happen when least expected, and with this super convenient handy-pack of Waterproof Plasters, you need never be caught short again. This handy wallet of Waterproof plasters can be stored easily in a small bag, work drawer or glove compartment, so you’re always prepared when those unexpected rainy day bumps and knocks strike!
This strip dressing is ideal for those unexpected injuries in awkard areas like the elbow. Waterproof plasters provide superior protection against water, germs and dirt. The Waterproof Plasters are a comfortable way to keep wounds clean and protected by providing long lasting, reliable adhesion. The super-stick adhesive plaster stays on until you want it off. The reinforced heavy duty fibre ensures maximum protection, shielding out water, dirt and germs, even when wet.
It is particularly suitable for those who need to protect their wound while showering, bathing, swimming, or playing water sports.
The ultra strong adhesive ensures that the wound stays dry and clean while it heals, while the non-adherent pad will cope with most minor cuts and scrapes.
Instructions: Always clean your hands before and after dressing a wound. Carefully clean wound and surrounding skin. Dry skin and apply dressing. Replace dressing when necessary, at least daily.

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