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Medicare Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Quick Non-Invasive Device to Measure Pulse & SP02 The purpose of our Medicare Lifesense® Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is to measure your SPO2 levels and pulse. This means it checks how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body. It is used to monitor any type of condition that can affect blood oxygen levels such as COPD, Asthma, Pneumonia, Lung Cancer, Anaemia and Congenial heart defects. The Medicare Lifesense® Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter Pulse oximetry is a quick, non-invasive and completely painless test which gives a quick and accurate results within 10 seconds. • Visualisation of heartbeat • Pulse rate sound synchronised with heartbeat • Alarm function (Sp02 <88%, pulse rate <40 or >120) • One button to start & automatic power off • Low power consumption • Rotate display • 2 AAA batteries included & lanyard

The MX Health Oximeter from Medicare is a digital fingertip pulse oximeter that quickly and non-invasively measures your pulse and SPO2 levels. Just 10 seconds of use accurately monitors any condition that can affect blood oxygen levels, such as COPD, Asthma, and Congenial heart defects. It also features a visualized heartbeat, alarm functions that notify when Sp02 drops below 88% and pulse rate drops below 40 or rises above 120, and Bluetooth connection capability.

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