Nailene - Pink Gloss - Stiletto (28 pcs)

Nailene - Pink Gloss - Stiletto (28 pcs)

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Gel Shine

It’s never a dull moment with Nailene. Our Gel Shine nails deliver all the glitz and glam of a gel manicure without the expensive salon visit. The perfect instant mani solution. Goes on in minutes and lasts for up to 7 days.

  • 28 Nails in 12 Sizes,
  • 1 Glue - 2g Pink,
  • 1 Manicure Stick,
  • 1 Buffer

Nail Technologies

Locks in Place Textured curved surface enables artificial and natural nail surfaces to lock together in optimal adhesion with minimal abrasion to the natural nail.

Flexes to Fit Thinner at the cuticle line and flexes to the arch of the natural nail for a perfect fit.

Shine that Lasts Coated with a durable gel coating for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to 7 days.

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