Natures Aid Women's Multi-Vitamins & Minerals (with Superfoods) 60caps

Natures Aid Women's Multi-Vitamins & Minerals (with Superfoods) 60caps

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Daily multi-nutrient formula for women.

Our Multivitamin and Minerals for Women contains Vitamin B6 to help regulate hormonal activity and Vitamin K2 to help support healthy bones. Our vegan friendly, daily supplement has been developed by our expert team to help provide a top-up of specific key nutrients, especially when nourishing your body with all it needs by following a healthy and balanced diet may not be possible.

At Natures Aid we understand that there are many gender identities, some of which may impact the nutritional needs of your body. Our Women’s Multivitamin has been developed to simply to support the biological needs of your body and nothing more; we believe nutrition should be inclusive.

Natures Aid Women’s Multivitamin and Mineral includes 12 vitamins and 9 minerals as well as specially selected superfoods to create fully balanced nutritional support. As well as Vitamins B6 and K2 this formulation will also provide you with:

· Vitamin D3 for the maintenance of normal blood calcium levels and healthy bones and teeth
· Iron to support the production of healthy red blood cells and haemoglobin and to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
· Chromium which helps to support healthy blood glucose levels
· Iodine to help support the heathy production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function
· Vitamin B12 to help support the nervous system and healthy psychological function.

As well as this, our Women’s Multivitamin and Mineral presented in an easy to swallow capsule, without any fillers or binders. You can also rest assured that this product is free from GMO and common allergens including gluten, dairy, yeast and nuts. Providing you with peace of mind and additional nutritional support when you need it most.

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