Physiologix Airflex Closed Patella Knee Support - Small

Physiologix Airflex Closed Patella Knee Support

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• Medicare  Physiologix Sport Neoprene Knee Support is recommended for minor sprains and strains or relief from stiff, arthritic knees
• Provides support for weak or injured knee joints
• COOLMAX lining moves moisture away from body keeping you cool and comfortable
• AIRPRENE fabric keeps skin dry, retains body heat and is suitable for all day wear
• Shaped 3D design for best fit
• Lightweight, durable and comfortable
• Provides support without restricting movement
• Contoured fit provides uniform and constant compression

Medicare Sport Neoprene Closed Knee Sleeve helps relieve pressure on the closed Knee. The closed knee sleeve provides non-restricting sleeve, compression and warmth and maintains full range of movement for weak or injured closed knee sleeve. This soft neoprene closed knee sleeve helps to relieve pain in the kneecap and to promote faster recovery following knee surgery. The closed knee sleeve promotes quicker recovery from unstable knee ligaments and cartilage injuries. The closed knee sleeve can help to provide stability and support following closed knee sleeve injuries such sprains, strains, tendonitis and knee arthritis.
The Neoprene closed knee Sleeve protects and warms strains and sprains. Ideal for sport and everyday use, it provides firm support and relieves pain and swelling. This one-size-fits-all closed knee sleeve with Neoprene provides support and warmth for arthritic, stiff or sprained knee, with soft neoprene materials to provide therapeutic heat and improve healing. A Neoprene Sleeve provides compression and warmth to a knee injury, which improves blood flow and speeds up recovery from a strain. Wear during physical activity or everyday routines to give stability and aid flexibility for weak, painful or sprained knee and knee joints.
How it works:
Neoprene: Neoprene support warms the affected area and so creates greater flexibility in muscles, tendons and ligaments, which reduces the risk of further injuries. Warming the affected area will relieve pain, swelling and stiffness. It also provides firm support without restricting movement.
The MEDICARE SPORT closed knee sleeve has a Soft neoprene blend, the ultimate material for compression and heat retention, which helps improve blood circulation. This combination provides a therapeutic treatment to muscle and joint pain or injury. The closed knee Sleeve can be used as the third phase of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) therapy.
COOLMAX: The CLOSED Sleeve from Medicare Sport closed knee sleeve is lined with COOLMAX fabric which works by moving moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable.
AIRPRENE: The support has an Airprene blend, which keeps skin dry, retains body heat and is suitable for all-day wear.

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