Rubis Magnifier Tweezers Classic - 1K120
Rubis Magnifier Tweezers Classic - 1K120
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Rubis Magnifier Tweezers Classic - 1K120

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The 1K120 tweezers combine the classic slant tweezers with an 8x magnifying glass to facilitate the removal of hair or foreign bodies under the skin. The operation is very easy: the tweezers are taken out of the niche behind the lens, then the magnifying glass is opened and the distance to the lens is adjusted to find the optimal focus. After use, the tip of the tweezers is disinfected and the tweezers are put back into the niche.

  • Rubis solves your problem
  • No hair defies the Rubis tweezers
  • Tips close precisely and perfectly
  • Surgical steel, stainless, can be sterilized
  • Manufactured in Switzerland
  • Once Rubis, always Rubis

Precision tweezers with slanted tip. They solve all your problems! No hair defies them. Your eyebrows are styled perfectly again. Unwanted hairs are simply removed at the first go. The slanted tip nestles perfectly to the curve of your eyebrows. The inner tweezers heel grips the hair over the entire surface and pulls it out with the entire root. This slows down the hair regrowth. These slanted tweezers easily grip even the finest hairs as well as the unpleasant initial stubble of regrowing hair. Perfect ergonomics allows superb handling of the tweezers. Once Rubis, always Rubis. The investment pays off. Durable and therefore environmentally friendly.

The tweezers are made of high quality, stainless surgical steel, which guarantees high flexibility for many years. Furthermore, this material can be easily disinfected, sterilised or placed in the autoclave.

Made in Rubis Swiss factory, with the highest quality standards and highly qualified, traditional craftsmanship. Rubis tweezers are the result of 45 production steps, several throughput controls and the final production under the magnifying glass. No tweezers leave the factory without having passed the strict quality controls. Neither scratches nor inaccuracies in material or surface are permitted. Rubis has been manufacturing precision tweezers for many decades The first tweezers were made for assembling the famous Swiss watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and other well-known watch brands. The same precision and know-how can be found in the cosmetic tweezers.

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