Rubis Travel Set - 1K436

Rubis Travel Set - 1K436

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  • Rubis solves your problem comfortably
  • Surgical steel, stainless and can be sterilised
  • Manufactured in Switzerland
  • Tweezers: no hair defies Rubis tweezers
  • Scissors with sharp, precise cut
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail cleaner, Push & Clean
  • Gentle glass nail file
  • Real leather case

The 1K436 set is supplied in an elegant case made of genuine leather with the trademark of Rubis. It contains everything you need for your personal care at home and on the go:

  • the mini 3L100 nail clippers made of hardened steel for a sharp cut,
  • the classic 1F000 nail scissors made of hardened steel for a sharp and precise cut,
  • the 1K700G glass file made of glass beads with micro glass particles for a delicate but precise care of finger and toe nails,
  • the classic 1K102 tweezers with slanted tip for hair and eyebrow removal (even for the finest hairs),
  • the 1L902 Push & Clean to clean the nails and push the cuticles.

All tools are made of the best stainless and acid-resistant surgical steel. Each instrument can therefore be easily cleaned or sterilised in the autoclave. Leather case made of genuine leather.

Made in Rubis Swiss factory to the highest quality standards. Rubis products are the result of traditional craftsmanship, strict throughput controls and a finishing process under the magnifying glass. No tool leaves the factory without having passed the strict quality controls. Neither scratches nor inaccuracies in material or surface are permitted.

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