Shanty's Nit Comb - M3

Shanty's Nit Comb - M3

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Head Lice and Egg Removal Comb Patented with 3 Row Technology – Shantys M3 Nit Comb

Our flagship nit comb allows for maximum removal of head lice, head lice eggs with our patented 3 row teeth technology. The nit comb has two outer rows of finely spaced teeth and a single middle row set staggered with even finer spaced teeth. This allows for better friction and grips on to the lice as the hairs weave there way through.

  • Patented 3 Row Technology
  • Fine and Extra Fine Teeth For Maximum Effect
  • Remove Lice and Lice Eggs More Efficiently

Our M3 nit comb brush comes with a patented 3 row technology and captures head lice and head lice eggs with ease. You can hold either the handle or front of the brush to get your desired grip. The stainless steel teeth do not bend and so do not allow lice to pass through. The 3 rows of fine and extra fine staggered teeth allow hair to weave through and create friction to remove nits that are stuck to the base of the hair strand.

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